Students who are leaving the district  are required to return their Chromebooks to their current school.  Students returning to Sumter School District will keep their Chromebooks over the summer and keep them  in working condition for our virtual school reopening in August 2020.


  • Always use two hands to carry a Chromebook.  
  • Never pile things on top of a Chromebook.
  • Never place a Chromebook on the floor.
  • Never leave the Chromebook unattended for any reason.


  • Center the Chromebook on the desk.
  • Use two hands to open the lid. 
  • Close the lid of the Chromebook before standing up from your seat. 
  • Follow all directions given by the teacher. 


  • Vents should remain uncovered. 
  • Clean the screen with a soft, dry microfiber cloth.
  • Clean other parts of a Chromebook (including keyboard) using computer disinfectant wipes only. 
  • Never clean a Chromebook with water.


  • Restart the Chromebook as the first step when a problem occurs. 
  • Students may ask a classmate for help if the situation is appropriate.
  • Students may ask a teacher for help if he/she is available.
  • Students should not spend too much time troubleshooting to avoid missing class time. 


All SSD students are issued an email account to facilitate classroom instruction and to allow students to safely and effectively communicate and collaborate with teachers and classmates. Access to email provides an authentic purpose for writing, increases understanding, and enhances learning. 


  • The email should be used for educational purposes only. 
  • Student email messages may be monitored by teachers/staff at any time to ensure appropriate use. 
  • All email messages are property of the District. 
  • Students should not delete emails unless instructed to do so by a teacher. Deleting emails will be interpreted as suspicious behavior and may be followed up with further investigation or disciplinary action. 
  • Email accounts should only be used by the authorized owner of the account. 
  • A student should never share his/her password with anyone and must be careful to protect it.
  • Any student who suspects that someone may be using their password should report it immediately.

For support please fill out Google Form following this link: